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Beautiful Veneer Repair, Furniture Regluing, & Part Reproduction

Trust the professional staff at Minuteman Furniture Workshop in Greenland, New Hampshire, to provide accurate veneer repair, furniture regluing, and part reproduction. Our workshop is fully stocked with everything necessary to repair furniture from many different historical periods. 

Veneer Repair

Over time, your furniture’s veneer is likely to take some damage from the rigors of daily use and moving. Our team provided complete veneer repair for a range of furniture, including tabletops, desks, headboards, drawers, and other furniture. Our state-of-the-art veneer press provides factory-quality results on every job.

Furniture Regluing

If you have chairs or other furniture that is loose or falling apart, we can provide the repairs you need. Our furniture regluing service can prevent breaks that can be costly to replace, and gluing is more affordable than lathe work. If you’ve got any wobbly, insecure furniture, bring it to us now to prevent costly repairs in the future.

Part Reproductions

If you don’t have a chance to come in before the inevitable break, all is not lost. We can lathe-turn parts for many tables, chairs, and even custom parts. This allows us to create lasting, beautiful reproductions to lengthen the life of your furniture.

Wicker Chair - Furniture Regluing

Contact us to learn more about our reliable veneer repair, furniture regluing, and part reproduction.